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Babs Harrison + Partners is a public relations consultancy with a focus on seamlessly blending the traditional with the innovative.

What that means in practice is that we are just as comfortable working with traditional media outlets as we are with bloggers and social media influencers.

The world of hotels, resorts and spas is crowded. The difficulty is in getting noticed by people who matter.

That is what we have excelled at for our clients for a quarter century.

We bring together hands-on New York experience with extensive first-hand knowledge of promoting, launching and repositioning resorts and spas.

We were there at the inception of destination spas as a mass market force, we have been involved in the rise of extremely high-quality amenity spas at resorts, and we also have had a hand in raising the awareness of luxury offerings in destinations not known for same.

We know south Asia, but also the American Southwest. We know Paris and also Rajasthan. We are global and we also know how to focus on local because local now matters immensely in hospitality communications.

Have problems? We may have solutions. Talk to us about getting noticed in a hectic world. That’s our passion and we invite you to share it.

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