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You can feel the energy. More of us are getting eager to travel and here’s the deal: Smart money says much of the first round of travel will be local and primarily via car. Are you ready? — Hospitality Net

Beware the shiny objects. Success lies with doing what genuinely matters – to us, to our community, to our guests. — Hospitality Net

A coherent plan and strategy with goals and target audiences are the first step in a successful influencer marketing campaign — Hotel Executive

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Expert opinion is coming together: many now point to mid-2017 as the end of the current boom cycle in the hotel and resort business and, no, few experts anticipate anything like a crash or the mayhem of the recent Great Recession. But the good times, and the forever upwards urge…

Resort and hotel marketers often seem stuck in a void of same-same language where so many use the identical hollow phrases just because they saw it on [insert name of a competitor] website or in an email blast. Stop. You are driving guests away with the very language you use….