Source: Five Questions to Ask Your Next PR Agency | By Babs Harrison – Hospitality Net

Source: How to Count Hotel PR Successes | By Babs S. Harrison – Hospitality Net

Source: Hospitality Net, How to Hire the Right PR Agency in Five Easy Steps 

We are not miracle workers. Sometimes it seems that way – when we get a client a great clip in the New York Times, Departures, or similar high-flying publications – but let me let you in on a secret. We cannot work miracles for properties with shoddy operations. Source: What…

It is past time for a blunt awakening: resort and hotel public relations plans need to better reflect the mobile, social, fast-moving world we now live in – and get the better, richer results they should be producing. Source: Reinventing Resort/Hotel PR for the 21st Century | By Babs S….